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2022w50 What Kept Me Busy This Year


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Got busy this year

This will be a short post, but I’ve been busy this year.

The main reasons i’ve not posted in a while are due to personal events and all the efforts I spent with home improvement (also known as house crafting).

Will focus on “crafter” stuff.

Technology and Work

This year has been quite interesting in terms of technology, and coaching:

Next year should be a transition year for me, with more coaching. lets see.


Couple of the things I learned this year:

coming next

Few things on my plate next year:

  1. A lot more clojure, I may actually create my next post using clojure.
  2. A lot more coaching at work.
  3. New projects i’m not aware of at this moment

House crafting

A lot has been going on this year in this area.

One of our main objective is to complete most of the house repair and improvement ASAP.

My own personal objective is to get it done sometime in 2023.

The Office

This year, and due to the pandemic and the “work from home” challenges, 8 months was spent building a new office from the ground up. A lot of challenges was also included

Here are some of the key criteria for my new Office:

  1. use space in our house we do not use well, yet, not use any of the rooms we currently have (they are all occupied).
  2. must be closed with a door
  3. more important than a door, must be soundproofed, not so much for me, but for other occupants that are living in this house and suffer from me speaking all day on voice chat.
  4. needs to be fully finished so that I can move my work and personal computers
  5. can’t start a new house crafting project before this one is done
  6. fix all the stuff that needs to be fixed where I build this office

We settled to a space in the middle of the house, which we dont use beside to go from one living room to a bedroom.

Here are some things that had to be fixed or completed prior to raising news walls:

The office itself is just the right size, 8’ by 12’. It’s made of 2x6 walls with 2x4 studs staggered, insulation, sonopan, and multiple layers of 5/8 drywall, a solid wood door, and acoustic ceiling, and more.

Fixing stuff in my kids rooms

This one was simple, yet took me more than 1 month to complete. I had to repair one wall in each room due to previous unfinished repairs / project started years ago (contradicting our high level objectives :D). So mudding, replacing defecting convection heaters, painting, installing trims (another incomplete past improvement).

As of today, we’re only left to paint the trims (next weekend).

What is coming next

Few things on my plate next year:

  1. Creating a bathroom in a place you cant call a bathroom anymore, and where everything is leaking, and is unusable for few years.
  2. Fixing a concrete balcony
  3. Fixing a paver pathway
  4. More paint
  5. Continue learning and crafting anything and everything.

Closing thoughts

I really like the fact that this post is only for anyone using RSS. I dont see this as quality content, but more about a slice of my life.

Some of the post ideas I have on my list:

  1. clojure posts
  2. coding posts
  3. house crafting past projects, and current projects
  4. more of this RSS only posts

Not sure if I’ll be able to post again this year, If not, have a happy New Year and see you next year!