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How Guix Compare to Nix and Vice Versa


This started as a question from Mr. X on System Crafters general room on matrix: maybe I was offtopic here, but nobody who can compare Guix and NixOS?

This is my opinion, based on me running nix and Guix (and RDE) as my primary OS for the past 3-4 years now.

People who know me on the System Crafters community know I’ve switched between both almost as often as @acdw has re-started his Emacs configuration 🤣.

Take this with a grain of salt with regards to current state of Guix, I’m about to jump in the Guix wagon again but I don’t know what happened in the last 6-12 months.

Note that I use interchangeably the Guix and Nix package manager and OS, in this post, it does not matter.

Below, is re-worded version of the messages I posted at that time.

What do they have in common

Guix and Nix share a lot in common

What is different in Nix

In any order:

What is different in Guix

In any order:

Both Guix and Nix share and differ quite a lot. I like to use each for a while every year to see what has improved, what I’d want in the other OS. I would prefer to stay with Guix with it’s great language, great community, workflows that are better suited for me. I keep going back to Nix due to it’s pragmatism, has everything I need (but a language) and their concept of freedom is closer to mine.

That’s it for today :)